Which Type of Coconut Oil Can be the Best for Treating Your Acne?

Any form of coconut oil (excluding the hydrogenated one) can be good for curing acne. But in case you would like know the best one for acne cure, you should first know the major factors that contribute acne.

Most individuals appear to know just one thing, oily skin type is more prone to acne. The fact is, it’s only one cause of acne. Excessive toxic accumulation and overgrowth of certain bacteria result in acne as well. You may know about bacteria, however you might not realize that toxins inside your body could result in acne too.

That being said, you must pick the kind of coconut oil which could help you the best in order to restrict the development of bacteria while eliminating toxins off your body.

For this, experts strongly suggest virgin coconut oil. Usually, it’s promoted as extra virgin. However they in reality mean the same type.

Coconut oil normally carries the lauric acid, capric acid, myristic acid and caprylic acid. Among these fatty complexes, lauric acid can be considered as the most powerful. And as virgin coconut oil has the maximum proportion of lauric acid (nearly 50 percent), it obviously is the greatest type in order to control acne germs and other local germs which might also cause acne.

Talking about getting rid of toxins, mid chain fatty acids such as lauric, capric and caprylic acids, along with short chain fatty acid such as caproic acid makes the coconut oil detoxifying. The good news is virgin coconut oil has all of them. But, the fractionated or refined type might include 1 or 2 types of these fatty acids that are obviously less cleansing.
Taking into account the above facts, virgin coconut oil can be the best for acne cure.

But you’ve to prepare yourself for a more damaging acne breakout.

As it is more cleansing as compared to any other forms, virgin coconut oil has a tendency to draw additional toxins up towards your skin surface and thus, could cause more pimples breakout while curing your acne.

Naturally, if you’ve less toxin buildup inside the body and within your skin, then probably your acne will settle in nicely in 3-4 days after the use of virgin oil without resulting in any further breakout. However if you’ve greater toxins stored inside, you’ll most likely encounter the remedial disaster, i.e., your acne would get severe before getting better using this oil.

Best Herbal Medications for Skin Issues

Even though you must always refer to your doctor for medical help before undertaking any cure, synthetic or natural, the aim of this post is to educate you about the several botanically-derived medications which might be considered in order to cure a few of the most general skin issues. There are several benefits to using herbs instead of normal drugs which are produced using them. A normal medication comprises 1, or at times 2, medically active biological compounds, along with a buffer and carrier compounds. In addition, herbal medicines are far better to fix diseases without producing new issues.


Perfect for irritated, dull skin, fungal infections as well as psoriasis.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is the best source of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) in the nature. It hydrates, soothes, moisturizes and heals almost every skin type. Aloe Vera has maximum healing elements for relaxing your skin. It cures cuts, burns, grazes, burns due to radiation, etc.


It conditions you hair that encourages growth of hair, is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, and among the best insect repellents in addition to being helpful for acne as well.


Perfect in case of boils, hair issues, chronic skin, and eczema. Avoids body’s personal immune system from harming the skin, destroys streptococcus and a number of harmful fungi which can infect a cracked skin. You can add into your shampoo or even apply it as a conditioner to treat your scalp. This will improve the strength of your hair, and also help avoid the loss of hair, dandruff and itching.


Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-hemorrhage, fungicidal, antiseptic. Great for burns, eczema, oily skin, cuts, insect bites, wounds, rashes, dry skin which is cracked, diaper rash as well as stretch marks.


Includes cleansing, antifungal, antiseptic properties, is good for blemished or oily skin. Helps in eczema, skin irritation, psoriasis, insect bites, loss of hair, dandruff, helps soften the skin.


Chamomile can be superb for several types of skin issues in addition to severely infected skin. Helps in hypersensitive skin, skin rashes, rosacea, skin allergies, and eczema. Helps bring out natural shine on your hair when combined with a shampoo.


It is beneficial for abscesses, sores, irritation of skin, rashes, etc. Its anti-inflammatory properties are identical to cortisone.


Helpful for boils, inflamed skin, wrinkles, athlete’s foot, as well as ringworm.

Top Reasons for Having a Suitable Skin Regimen

Skin, the epidermis inside human body can react to soaps, creams, atmosphere, sun, etc. Your skin tends to lose its charm as you age; you no longer have that radiant fresh skin when you’re aged. Maintaining you skin healthy starting from head towards your toe can provide several benefits. Below are five reasons for having a suitable skin regimen.

Human skin can remain young for an extended period: A suitable regimen could save your skin from harming itself and it’ll look young even in your old age. In order to get a younger skin, knowing the requirements of the skin with the varying climates outside is surely advantageous. You can easily achieve this by following a suitable regimen in the periods of summer and winter.


You appear more attractive: Undertaking a suitable regimen can make you appear attractive. People are more likely to turn towards a radiant appearing skin than a poor skin.
No problems and complains any longer: Human skin is very sensitive. Hence, you should be able to take proper care of it. You can escape all sorts of damages which could happen to the skin by following an appropriate skin regimen. The most essential ones are acne, fine lines, and pimples which might leave stable scars and steal your looks. Following a suitable regimen can help to you stay off from these issues.

Wrinkles and aging: If you nourish your skin correctly by using home -made facial masks, wash it at steady intervals and also utilize proper stuff onto the skin, it’ll be much easy for you to have an attractive skin for quite some time. Wrinkles appear as a result of the aging of your skin and they appear terrifying. It’s a normal process which happens to all of us as we age, however if you undertake suitable regimen for your skin, this process could be postponed. Wrinkles tell your age and if you take right care of the skin, you will have a more attractive skin in your forties as well.

Avoid bothers of Botox and fillers: Most individuals who get fine lines, wrinkles, etc. use Botox or fillers to rejuvenate their skin. This can be very expensive. You’ll have to repeat this treatment after every 6 months and it might as well affect your body. For avoiding such bothers to get a perfect skin, it’s best to undertake a suitable regimen and have a younger skin appearance naturally.

Avoiding Dark Spots with SPF

Your skin is the biggest organ inside your body. It signifies whether your skin (particularly the facial skin) is flawless and healthy or not. Also, it secures our internal body organs (like heart, liver, muscles, kidneys and lungs) from physical harm as well as biological attack (from bacteria). Your skin regulates your body temperature while removing the toxins which might make you sick. Your skin is the primary protection against outside enemies such as the viruses and UV radiation; also it’s very crucial to take proper care of it, for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

It may sound ironic, however the sun, which is the reason why we are here; is likewise the major cause for the skin darkening. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun, influences the color of your skin making it further dark. It’s human body’s normal response to severe solar radiation. But at times, such a response might the major cause of the dark color of your skin.

The color of human skin is affected by carotene (yellowish), blood vessels (pinkish) as well as melanin (blackish). Melanin confirms how white/dark your skin color would be, and is also known to absorb harmful UV rays which might damage your body. When you’re under the sunshine for extended duration, greater melanin is created and your skin color starts getting dark. There are cases where melanin’s percentage continues to rise even if the skin isn’t exposed to sun rays. Whenever this happens, the skin areas starts developing black patches or darker spots which might keep admirers off.

If you wish to avoid dark spots from growing, try keeping yourself off from sun rays, particularly if you’ve white skin color. You must stay indoors whenever the sun rays are most severe.  It’s suggested that such persons should use high SPF creams and lotions. These lotions and creams offer an additional layer of cover which reflects the sun rays from getting inside. Your inner skin won’t get damaged, so the quantity of melanin won’t increase.

In addition, they can nourish your skin. Look for a skin cream with SPF of over thirty and you will be able to go under the sunshine when it’s at its peak.