Arianna Huffington – Stupid Bitch

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  1. HaHa
    She said White Wing extremists

  2. don’t you….don’t you….
    too funny.

  3. I cant tell if this is a joke or a documentary! She actually WOULD ask these questions!

  4. Ya think? ;o)

  5. Arianna is an IDIOT.

  6. LMAO! This is hilarious!

  7. Danke.

  8. Admit it, you want her body.

  9. Thanks for sharing

  10. Great Video thanks for sharing 5 Stars

  11. This wom drives me nuts.

  12. I’m pleased you enjoyed it, Paul. :o )

  13. That was really funny!!

  14. Far out.

  15. Amen.

  16. … don’t kill the black children with bricks wrapped in swastika flags. Words to live by.

  17. Thanks.

  18. don’t you….don’t you….
    too funny.

  19. Keep it up, Darc as I know you will. I’m going to post this link at you know where

  20. Darc, this is the perfect way to handle race-baiters filthy Leftists. I wish we could all do it and infuriate them. Well done.

  21. Send this Huffington bitch back to Greece!!

  22. Glad you liked it. :o )


  24. *laughing*

  25. Thanks bunches, Remo.

  26. Heh heh heh

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