Kaylin's Life with Juvenile Diabetes

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  1. This is a beautiful video, it made me cry. My little sister, Jessy is five years old. She was diagnosed last year and it changed the lives of our entire family. Finding a cure takes work, money and a lot of people willing to help. We are also trying to do everything we can. Kaylin will be in my prayers. God bless you and your family.

  2. just wanted to tell you this is an awesome video. I am a type I on a cozmo as well and my youngest age 6 is considered “pre diabetic” She will most likely be full blown within the next few years…best luck to your all..and know someone else knows what you are going through….hugs

  3. They will not “market a cure” even if they find one. “It’s not profitable”. They’ve found treatments and marketed them as to make our lives easier to make more money for themselves. You think speaking the truth is being rude? That’s your opinion. You need to get your head out of the sand and face reality. Keep walking, donating, slamming me and whatever else makes you feel good about your condition. You’ll still never see that cure JDRF has promised since they were founded. Take care, L.V.

  4. They haven’t found a cure yet, but think back to what you just said. They’ve found treatments, making our lives easier. What’s so bad about treatments? I’m not giving up on a cure, and neither are millions of others. I have a pump and it’s helped me tremendously. You didn’t like it? Great, that’s one person’s opinion, it’s different from person to person. You need to stop trying to discourage people, you’re a very rude person. People like you ruin the joy and hope of others.

  5. Hey, you are only 14 years old. Grow up and then tell us how much the JDRF has done to find a cure. They are looking for treatments not a cure. The JDRF has raised billions and every year you hear about another cure possibility but they never materialize. Forget the cure. It ain’t going to happen no matter how far you walk or how much you donate. And if you want a pump connected to you 24-7,, go for it. But they are far from GREAT. I had one for a year and HATED it. I went back to shots.

  6. Reskalant, I’m only 14 but I’ve had it since I was 6, I know what you’re going through right now and I know how hard it can be. Trust me. But you have to be strong and put your best foot forward. It IS really tough but if you work really hard, you can manage it. You’ll be a pro at dealing with soon. You’re also really lucky since you had the chance to live a “normal” childhood so you know what it’s like. But that is also bad since you know what you’re missing in life. Life will get better soon.

  7. You have a right to your opinion but some of us make these videos on our own to show our support, tell people our story and ask for help. This is something you can NEVER get away from – we just want a cure. JDRF is a GREAT thing – it has helped so many people, you don’t even know. Mechanical pancreases and pumps are a GREAT thing that have saved peoples lives – not all of us want to stab ourselves more than we have to so these help us do that, it also helps give us a little more freedom.

  8. I have a friend name is Kaylin. But she is in my ballet classes on Mondays & Thursdays. I dance at Omaha Jewish Community Center. God Bless Kaylin & other babies, toddlers, kids, teen & adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes

  9. Im so sorry… i have diabetes to.

  10. Thats so sad:/ I will help find a cure….every year we go to the diabetes walk and help but i pray she and her family stays strong and you guys can fight it.!

  11. Great video I just made my second JDRF Walk video for my little girl visit the video its JDRF WALK 2009 Caroline. We have highs and low too and we got a service dog named Hardy to help catch the highs and lows. Our song is The Real Me by Natalie Grant but I really love your song that you put to your video. Good luck in meeting your goal this year. God Bless Sid

  12. I believe the JDRF produces these videos to get more people to donate. They play on your sympathies so that you will give them money. The JDRF raises money and hopes but they will never market a cure even if they find one. They are in business to create new treatments. And screw those mechanical pancreases and pumps. What are we,,, automobiles?

  13. I’ve had diabetes since the age of 17. To me it’s never been hard. Whatever you do, don’t see it as an obstacle, cause then you’ll never be happy. Try seing it as a challange and think that every time you read on your blodd sugar meter when it’s a good value that you’ve reached a goal! Do not ever think like this video is telling you, that you feel hindered and it’s so struggling etc. Then you’ll end up bitter. Always look on the bright side of life!

  14. diabetes is so hard.. i have just 2 days since i know i have it.. i’m 22 and i’m really scare.. this girl really makes me strong and makes me try to make an effort to support this…

  15. I’m sorry that she has to deal with it. I was diagnosed at teh age of 3 and am now 18. I agree. life with diabetes is not easy. I never got to experience a normal childhood. all i’ve ever known is diabetes. Despite what many doctors say, it is hard to lead a normal life. Contorlling the blood sugar levels is difficult, and as you get older it only becomes harder and puts an even greater strain on your body if you don’t take care. I’m glad to see she has the pump. It’s better than shots.

  16. oh okay.

  17. well i know i ment to say i wish the diabetes would go away woops

  18. you wrote: ” i hope the diabetes will go away”
    sorry to break it to you but diabetes will never go away, unless a cure is found. she is adorable. i like the new video too.

  19. I just heard of juvinial diabetes from Shamrockbaby4494 she made a video about her brother who has juvinial diabetes. Then in the related videos I saw your daughters sweet little face. And it said that she had that type. And after I was done with Shamrockbaby4494′s video I clicked on her face. And I am about to cry. I am sorry for your daghter I hope the diabetes will go away. I hope. All we can do is hope. Hope for your little angel. Hope for every kid in this cruel world of diabetes. Hope.

  20. poor kid. she is adorable!! i got diagnosed when i was 2 but i dont remember it at all. my parents did everything for me until i was 7 then they gave me an insulin pump. since my parents are both doctors they can easily tell if one of my other 8 siblings have diabetes but i dont want one of my siblings to go through the pain i was in when i was little. you just have to stay strong and just live your life. :)

  21. dear God,
    we pray to those who has a diabetes.. i know there still a cure..pls Lord help them not to suffer for that disease..help them to be strong,,this we pray in the mighty name of Jesus..Amen..

  22. Quit Lying. There will never be a marketed cure for type1 diabetes. Nobody profits from a cure but drug companies, doctors, health care providers, and the producers of all that CRAP you need to live with type1 diabetes, all profit from the “TREATMENT”. That is reality. Screw the JDRF and all their BS propaganda about a cure.

  23. I have type 1 diabetes. I am 12 years old. I have had it since May 27, 2008. It’s not very easy living with it. I hope one of these days there will be a cure.

  24. this is so sad. my sister was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 2 or 3 years ago and hasnt really struggled with it until just recently when she found out she was pregnant. i am sure it is very tough to see your young daughter go through this. God bless!

  25. kaylinskure, putting on a happy face 4 my angel 2day! Out 5th trip 2 the hospital for 5 nights this time after a seizure. Thank God we found a new MD who CARES. His child has JB I. Now keeping her blood sugar pretty regular but never perfect. I know every time her sugar fluctuates the damage it does 2 her body. I had no idea how serious this disease was until it entered our lives. Feeling a bit sad & alone I ran a search 4 videos such as yours 2day. You/We are NOT alone. WE WILL FIND A CURE!!!!

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