Treating Diabetes with Dietary Changes

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  1. Thank you very much

  2. There’s nothing like veganism. I love it.

  3. My dad has diabetes type II but I know I’d have fuck all chance of getting him to become vegan.

  4. Get this – I had a physical the other day, and my blood pressure and BMI were completely normal, and I asked my doctor was this because of my vegan diet, and he didn’t know what a vegan was! I repeat – A DOCTOR did not know what a vegan was! I had to tell him, and let me tell you, I felt really awkward and uncomfortable explaining to a doctor what a vegan is. It juts shows the ignorance of the medical industry.

  5. u eat at least 80% green veg and fruits. no carb sugars. vegan is not necessarily healthy unless you are getting the full mineras and eznsymes from fruit and veg, especially if eaten sometimes raw

  6. I find it hard to believe that a vegan diet can help diabetes since eating even the healthiest carbs makes me drowsy and lethargic and Im not even diabetic although both my parenst are diabetic

  7. Right on!
    Chips and pop can be a vegan diet, but you’ll become unhealthy on it.
    For diabetes, a wide variety of greens and beans are the best way to go.

  8. This was taped back in Fall of 2007. These participants are likely all thinner now. I know because I was one of them. I’m now 35 lbs lighter and both faster and stronger than I was then. Vegan diet should be more widely used to treat heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well as for normalizing BMI.

  9. cirblestream it is sad indeed the extent of medical corruption. but remember too that many doctors and nurses just don’t know better. they only know what they have been taught.

  10. my grandpas nurse encouranged my mom to guilt me for bringing fresh juice that i juiced from organic fruits at my house. about the “danger” of high sugar!! then she goes and buys him a meat lovers pizza ( he has heart problems by the way too) medical people are corrupt

  11. Being vegan is how my dad controls his diabetes. He’s on no meds now.

    My blood sugar issues disappeared when I became vegan. I’m vegetarian now since I have trouble staying away from cheese.

  12. I suggest you give the idea of Glycemic Index a wide no go. In fact, so called low GI foods such as fruit are more harmful to a diabetic as they tend to keep the blood sugar levels elevated over a longer time. ALL carbohydrates need insulin to cover high blood sugar levels.

    Insulin dosage is usually estimated by the amount of DIGESTIBLE carbohydrate NOT including fiber or so called
    soluble fiber. See my video-


    GLYCEMIC INDEX- why it does not worK ?

  13. Complex vegan carbs like Fruits,whole grains,and agave nectar have a low glycemic index.

  14. Well processed simple carbs yes but whole grains and fresh fruit? I don’t see how thats bad since the fiber in the whole grains and fruit binds to sugars and carries them out of the body.

  15. Sorry diabetics, this is a very dangerous, out of date concept.
    High sugar, high carbohydrate diets are NOT for people with high blood sugar problems.
    Think of it this way- you need to take insulin to keep your blood sugar levels near normal. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin you need to take. Logically, eating low carbohydrate diets is a far better approach- See-

  16. Eating vegan does not automatically ensure a healthy diet. There are plenty of vegans and vegetarians who have lousy diets, full of processed foods, fats and oil.
    The diet has to be low fat (<10% of calories from fat) and consist almost entirely of whole plant foods.
    This vid does a good job of showing the type of foods necessary to be eaten for a healthy lifestyle.

  17. You can be a vegan and still eat unhealthy. Does your diet mainly consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, and grains? Or is it mainly pre-packed, processed foods? You may be correct, though. I’m just asking out of curiosity.

  18. yuummmm masala dosa ( they rolls on the plates)3:30 giant lentil pancakes filled with protein and low in fat.

  19. its inspiring :D

  20. maybe you only eat processed and cooked foods.

  21. Check out the new documentary on diabetes at foodmatters[dot]tv

  22. I LOVE this video. I could watch it over and over again. I don’t know why.

  23. Guess it’s different for everyone.. I’ve been vegan for a year and developed diabetes and lost no weight doing so.

  24. drinking fresh squeeze pestcide free bitter mellon juice and cumcumber juice everyday will cure Diabetes

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