Fly Me To The Moon?????Olivia Ong

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  1. i think the interaction is great! he can’t stop smiling at her in the beginning..

  2. oh my. i love olivia’s dress!

  3. who is the guy singer???

  4. i wish both of them has more interaction…

  5. @haemogoblin2 it’s ok if you don’t get it xP

  6. @reynaldoyoscar

    sorry but whats wrong with that?

  7. She is very good! But he is out of key.

  8. she looks so skinny holy crap! but very pretty and model like!

  9. @reynaldoyoscar looooooooooool

  10. Yes I am sure. According to when they joined HIM, their record label, Olivia is the junior.

  11. Senior? r u sure?

  12. Selling Olivia Ong albuma “a girl meets bossanova 1″ and ” “a girl meets boaasanova 2″ (sealed) at $20 each, call 94568090 for fast deal!

  13. Both are good. It is an honor for both.

  14. Because he’s the senior of Olivia Ong, so she’s a special guest at his concert. Honestly, I would be happier if he does this alone.

  15. he sings out of tune, wrong style and dance/bouncing like a gorilla. Also wonder why he is paired with a much taller girl. cannot make it.

  16. 1:34 – 1:36 wtf?

  17. I think Yoga might be quite nervous cos he’s not so familiar in english and so he wanted to focus on the song ?

  18. who is the guy singer???

  19. yoga is so sick,

  20. Don’t ask me why. Apparently, people really do like different things. But you don’t see me criticizing Olivia.

  21. Yoga is not bad anyway wonder why they keep posting negative comments about yoga

  22. olivia rock….i also skipped oall the yoga part

  23. I will appreciate it if people stop making negative comments about Yoga.

  24. love her .. i skipped all yoga’s part hahaha

  25. olivia ong..OMG

  26. ?????????

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