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  1. @gugubicholi ?

  2. I use this routine be4 workouts and when i wake up, have been doing so for 15 years. Could use the normal sun salutation and move slow at first with good breathing.

  3. This girl is CRAZY! But I dig her.

  4. Hey, I’ve got a question. Is it ok to do yoga before a workout or should you do regular stretching?

  5. Yeah—I don’t know why she would wear those pants, though. Looks like they could rip.

  6. @ Craffte, Me too! Well, not about the whole pies, I stopped eating a lot years ago.. but with Yoga, Green Tea, and Lots of Pot I’ve become the happiest person in the world, For once in my life I’m losing weight, and I’ve been fat all my life because a heart condition stopped me from being physical as a child… Now though? It’s a beautiful life

  7. Yoga is Wonderful!

  8. this girl make me love yoga

  9. Excellent. I took yoga last night for the first time and I liked it. I’ll do it every Wednesday night from now on. And yes that lady IS hot.

  10. Avoid vaccines, they contain aluminum, mercury, aspartame/formaldehyde, squalene, mutagens etc that cause diseases like lupus, arthritis, Gulf War Syndrome, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, allergies, asthma, cancer, ADD/autism etc. Still the genocidal WHO is pushing the h1n1 shot when garlic, vitamin d3, silver products etc. should be promoted!

  11. @muzikmaniak01 i have to say that when i started to lose weight, it wasn’t just because of poses. it was because yoga let me feel better about everything. and i stopped eating whole pies for din din. :)

  12. my cat does this all the time. watch him do this on my channel

  13. i tryed doin this and the syncronization is all messed up

  14. Is it just me or is this girl rediculously hot

  15. Nice gymnastics.

  16. OMG I CANt even touch my toes !!

  17. does’nt look like she is enjoying what she is doing…

  18. Twists are so detoxifying and recharging as well. Nice video, loved th settings with her white yoga wear

  19. it can but i recommend some type of cardio it can however ease back pain if done correctly

  20. usually depends on how bad your posture is, how many times you do yoga a week and what kind of student you are. Typically to see extreme effects it’ll take about half a year but a lot of people see small changes almost instantly

  21. does this help you loose weight??

  22. wow, she is really hot!

  23. i really like this video but can anybody tell me if there’s a second part? cuz it’s not complete…thanks !

  24. Nunca fiz yoga mas consigo fazer algumas posições gostaria de saber sobre a respiração,se enquanto alonga segura a respiração e qual a maneira correta

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